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SIRRI AB offers NLP coaching to corporations, small business owners as well as individuals who want to generate health, wealth, happiness and who want to achieve success and balance in their lives.

What is Coaching?

Coaching became a business buzzword during 1990s. Thus it developed to be a structured way of helping individuals take their lives forward. Coaching is distinct from teaching, counselling and therapy. Coaching does not aim to explore past events or issues, or to uncove motivation or psychological processes. It is not the coach's role to give you specific skills or give you a pile of information.

What does a coach do?

As a good coach we are involved in a personal relationship with you which is tailored to your needs and aims.

As a good coach we are goal-focused and work with you on the goals of coaching that you determine. The role of the coach is to help you formulate goals in such a way they have every chance of being achieved. Your coach will help you to stay focused in working towards those goals.

Coach's role is facilitative and supportive. Your coach helps you in the process involved in achieving your goals.

In what way it can be done?

  • In Person By face-to-face interaction in one-to-one meetings. What ever the following session forms are we always begin with in person sessions.
  • Telephone After having the initial meeting in person future coaching sessions can be conducted in telephone depending on your desire and your convenience.
  • Email Personal interaction is vital for coaching. Some steps of the work such as preparation of the meeting can be done by e-mail exchange.
  • Video Conferencing The broadband internet technology makes it totally possible to be able to have full screen video conferences. This is an important component that we use in international coaching.

How can we help Managers?

  • Help managers and eventually their teams achieve results.
  • Assist managers with team building.
  • Help them gain clarity in their thinking.
  • Challenge and help them to transform their limiting beliefs.
  • Help managers to become a support for their team in bringing out the best within their teams.

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